The philosphy here consists of a set of clauses, much like legal documents do.

I. LEE Principle

The LEE refers to aspiration of allowing everything to exist ("Let Everything Exist"), and is a philosophical criterion to separate good from evil: good is to let the world exist, and evil is to destroy it.

The generalization of "world" is "Everything", and the negation of destroying it results in aspiration to let Everything exist.


The above comes from a realization that all life forms had come out from a process of evolution, where the great filter of time (or entropy) tends to destroy entities that don't organize information to model the entropy to counteract it. All forms of matter and energy in our universe appear to be the subject of this great filter of time. By induction, if we assume an infinitely long evolutionary process, all the matter and energy in the universe would acquire a form where it desires to be (retain information).

Corollary: entropy induces shapes of matter with propensity to stability, and so, the world (future present and past) will tend to have aquire propensity ("want") to be, not to be destroyed.

II. LET Objective

While it is impossible to let everything exist, a solution to the requirement of LEE principle is to add a verifiable constraint of truthfulness, and to let everything, that anyone truly (LET) wishes to exist as real things, and 2) everything else to exist as ideas:

  1. Let everything, that anyone truly wishes to exist as real things
  2. Let all other things exist as ideas,

Where the meaning of highlighted words is as follows: everything — universe both as a whole, as well as every part of it, truly — not falsified, even when exaustively checked by every part of universe, exist — to be, either as real thing or as an idea, real things — something that manifests in timespace outside our minds, ideas — something that manifests in our minds.

Danger: Merger of real things with ideas is important to consider, because under these assumptions, it would introduce complex interdependence.

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